Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ladies, what's so hard about it?

What's so hard about finding a decent, stable, dependable guy in your 20s, marrying him, and keeping him for life? Why this need to have it all, which ends in having nothing? Don't you women see, your looks don't last forever. It's much harder for a guy to get turned on by you when you're 30, 40, etc. Aging is an irreversible process. Ever thought that if you get a stable guy who maybe doesn't have to so many options to commit while young and attractive, you'll form strong emotional bonds with him that will outlive your decline in attractiveness?

That supply of desirable men is not going to keep on going forever. It simply won't. Get a guy who is nice and stable now, instead of trying to get one years down the road when you HAVE to pick one because none of the desirable guys want you. Better choices can be made when options are abundant as opposed to nonexistent. Take advantage of that and don't go after guys who you know have tons of options themselves i.e. have a high likelihood of running off and leaving you hanging (in more ways than one). I'm just saying.

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  1. don't you get it? She needs to use her youth to attain "fulfillment". You know, take up hobbies, build a career, travel, get stupid looking tattoos, and all that crap. A man would just drag her down and oppress her. Good thing that there are plenty of enlightened, metrosexual wuss.. er, guys who have no problems white knuckling their own 20's sexually and emotionally, working their butt off for each little scrap of pvssy and female approval they can scour up. They understand that a "girl has to have her fun... er I mean, fulfilling development as a complete, modern, human being".

    These guys will be more than happy to commit themselves to these "experienced, cultured" women when they hit 30 (or is the settling age now 35?) and give her the walle... er, husband and family she so deserves. It's to make the world a better place. Because that's what it's all about, right? Happiness for everyone. To do that, us naturally slimy, unevolved men need to control our icky urges whilst women explore their enlightened, human sexuality to the fullest. Don't question it or be jealous (ick; unevolved, creepy emotion for guys). Aren't you aware that women are the future? Us men have had our day in the sun, and we messed the world up. Women are our only hope. We can't be tying them down early and stiffing their potential, just cuz sum guyz think they are hawt. Ur like livin in teh 1950s or sumthing?