Thursday, September 10, 2009

Behaviors to watch out for in women, part 2

A thread on the MGTOW boards discusses a classic case of cognitive dissonance in a woman who has cheated on her boyfriend, become impregnated with another man's child, and is now asking Yahoo Answers if she should not tell her boyfriend about it. There's several nuggets in here - rationalization of infidelity, the desire to cover up the truth (further cheating in my book), and horrid and ridiculous advice from responders as a microcosmic example of current society. Most important is the disparity in message between those who have a head screwed up by society and those with a clear moral compass. Messed up message: (skank alert skank alert) "True love forgives." Head-screwed-on-right message: True love doesn't cheat! In fact, on numerous levels, cheating is a red flag - infidelity means the 'boyfriend' isn't seen as worthy mating material for whatever reason. If there's true love, it's certainly not coming from her side.

Bottom line - once a woman's heart is somewhere else, it's somewhere else, and "forgiving" her transgressions will just end up with you raising her alpha spawn.

The cynically excellent MGTOWers suggest that this woman was intentionally trying to do just that, keep her boyfriend oblivious until it is too late. Given the moral character of this woman (she's unsure if lying about CHEATING is a bad thing) it's not too far of a stretch. And the morally relativistic "answers" given show that society is more than willing to back up this twisted logic.

Thankfully, some of the answers contained sense, and the woman begrudgingly chose one (shown by her rating) as the best answer. Reality is clearly a tough pill for her to swallow, but she has to swallow it - for now. I don't trust her. She was essentially shamed into (tentatively) doing the right thing; it's certainly not her sense of conscience that did it. Given the opportunity, she would probably do something like this again, in another arena - if she thinks she can get away with it. My advice: Stay far away from any woman who shows signs of being like this.

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  1. Umm - what will it take for women like this one to... errrmmmm... GROW UP?