Saturday, August 29, 2009

Game en masse: The proper route?

On many men's blogs right now there seems to be quite a discussion of Game - the art of behaving in a way that is attractive to women sexually. It is said that Game is the only way out for men in today's society, if they don't want to be locked out of the dating game completely. I mostly agree with this assertion. If a man doesn't want to become permanently celibate or the slave of some domineering woman, he must use Game in order to attract even modestly attractive women. In today's society, women are taught early on that they should go for only the best men, and this goes hand in hand with their biological hypergamous nature. Men oblivious to this fact are sexually invisible.

A lot of the debate on Game seems to center around whether it is ethical or not, often from a Christian conservative perspective. You can see that quite a lot of religious MRA's and MGTOWers are worried that a mass employment of Game will result in a morally degenerate death spiral. This sentiment is expressed even more so in the conservative media, but they have discredited themselves so I will not try to argue with them. I think this whole discussion of whether Game is moral or not misses the point - when someone is fighting for food, they don't ponder the philosophical ethicism of killing an animal. They simply can't afford to. Those of more ascetic persuasion will deprive themselves longer, but eventually they'll snap too.

The fact is, female companionship is a biological need in men that cannot just be willed away by thoughts or moralistic idealism. Doubtless the need for it has been greatly exaggerated by the current culture, and this is what MGTOW is good at reducing, but the base biological need still exists. Game is a solution to a mounting problem. Have the conservatives come up with a better methodology that conforms to their moral standards? Many of them seem to be falling in the "conservative trap" of criticizing a new trend that they see as negative but not really offering a workable alternative. And telling men that "God says some men will remain single in life, that's just the way it is" is not a workable alternative. The men receiving such proclamations will go the David Deangelo route, or perhaps one even more pathological. He will certainly not go on a BETTER path.

This is not to say that worries about Game are unfounded. It can be used in a very immoral manner, to sexually conquer a large amount of women and leave them hanging. The female recepients of such immoral Game accumulate longer and longer strings of baggage until they're finally wailing about the lack of "good men" in some feminist magazine at age 35. At that point they have a 50/50 chance of picking up some equally desperate beta/omega man who has never before been blessed with female attention in his life and most likely doesn't know Game, or is one of the conservatives who thinks it's "immoral," and now ironically has to settle with a formerly promiscous woman (who may still end up cheating on him).

There are two main problems I see with a Game-centric society from the male perspective: Men who cannot employ it will be left in the dust, and it appeases the current fairly unreasonable level of reptilian female sexual desires. Both are equally troubling. What will become of all the men with, say, Asperger's Syndrome or generalized social handicaps? What about men who just aren't that good at "Game?" Will they simply be thrown under the bus of the new paradigm? I left a comment on Novaseeker's expressing this concern, and one of the responders told me that they'll simply be run over. I certainly hope he or she is wrong and my worries are

unfounded. As for the second point, I worry that a mass employment of Game will simply appease female sexual desires even more. Women like being in a fantasy world, and being Gamed keeps them in it longer. What about when everyone employs this? Will it simply escalate female hypergamy to ridiculous levels? I can see many more than the obviously socially handicapped guys being thrown under the bus if this occurs.

I've spoken with several people about this, and they all seem to agree that Game is the only way out, and there is no serious alternative in today's dating culture. They do worry about the excesses though. As one said, teaching a guy Game with no moral guidelines is like giving a guy a gun and $15,000 and telling him to do whatever he wants, with no bounds on behavior. Some guys will use the gun and money responsibly, but most will rob people at gunpoint and spend all the money on weed and booze. That's the reason why today's dating market is so messed up.

So while people who oppose Game from a chivalric point of view are simply dinosaurs, and those who oppose it from an ascetic-religious point of view are unrealistic, opposition to it is understandable. In order for Game to work it must have some sort of moral framework built around it, to prevent people from abusing it, much like teaching people fiscal responsibility instead of having them end up blowing all their money on powerball.

The moral framework that is built must be in tune with modern realities, and thus sustainable. This does not entail compromising on key moral issues, but it cannot be locked into a Victorian ethics framework. The clock only goes in one direction; there is no going back to "the good old days." I believe it is possible to teach men Game while adhering to moral principles. This includes not overly appeasing women or stroking their ego too much. Of course, this is the key area where such a neo-Game ideology can fail: Feminism's toxic effects on women and men could make a neo-Game culture unravel into even more hedonism than we have today. There's armies of manginas and bootlickers out there who will use "traitor Game" to sell out to women, and make things harder and harder for guys. Still others will revel in the power.

Also, it has been joked that feminism was the biggest shit test ever, and men collectively failed it, and it's been downhill since then. This is why I have doubts about neo-Game as far as its ability to heal society. Ultimately, women must change, or this will just cause a bull market in hypergamy, regardless of the restrictions placed on male behavior.

At this point, it's every man for himself, and the guys who aren't gettin' laid and ain't happy about it need to do something to avoid irrelevancy. Until a neo-Game paradigm permeates society, they need to learn Game, while still maintaining a moral compass. Those who can't engage in it? Well, we need to get them off the street and out of the way of the bus...


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