Thursday, November 12, 2009

Female-centric societal ills: Litigation

Recently, some comments made on a Spearhead article talk about how women, by being litigious by nature, will overpower men when the government is strong enough and willing to do so in their favor. This got me thinking, and suddenly a light bulb went off. The US is known for having a very litigious society, and I always knew it myself and despised it, but the reason why the society was so litigious eluded me. It seemed to miff other people too, who would tend to just say there was a "litigious culture" and a "greed mentality." This is funny, I think. When people are unsure of why something is bad, they jump to some bogeyman like "capitalism" or "greed" to explain the societal ill, without digging deeper down. I think it's intellectual laziness, really.

What really seems to be happening is that a culture taken over by women is a litigious culture. That's why so much of our economy is being consumed in legal costs and why we have to have so many retarded warnings on things.

You'll note the female tendency to defer to a stronger power, and use extreme language when they feel their inner mental sanctum is threatened. It's like they're a step away from suing you for your every last penny if you transgress them. This is also explains why the divorce courts have become so viciously anti-male. The litigious culture created them in their current incarnation, and of course they'll side with women.

Women also have a natural tendency for evasiveness, two-facedness and conniving, backstabbing behavior. It's built into their genes as a result of being physically weaker as a protection mechanism, so it can be a good thing, but uncontrolled (as in the current society) it can really get out of hand and do a lot of damage.

This probably explains why women pursue law school so much versus other professional professions, aside from nursing. In a way, the professional schools of nursing and law exploit natural female behavior. Nursing exploits the good side of female behavior, while law exploits the bad side. I'd never want to be a defendant against a woman lawyer.

So, a female-centric culture, large amounts of women entering law school, the female tendency to create rules and laws to constrain people, and threaten people with a greater power when they feel "transgressed" is what has resulted in the legal monstrosity we see today. It's literally eating the society alive.

At this point I wonder how much other stuff people blame on capitalism that's really just creeping cultural Marxism rearing its ugly head, successfully pointing the fingers away from itself. This country's gonna implode if people don't wake up to what is really going on.