Monday, October 19, 2009

The rise (and inevitable fall) of feminism

This piece focuses on British society, but it's pretty much the same in any feminist country. I've been to several feminist countries and all seem to be suffering from decay as the result of their welfare state coffers gradually being diminished to nothing by all the entitlement mania. I agree with the author that this state of affairs can't last forever. What will happen when no one wants to buy any more government bonds, and the gravy train runs out? The creditors will want to collect, that's what. The outcome of that could be ugly, especially if the men who end up drafted would rather not fight, as they have nothing to fight for.

Feminists and their powerful male allies seem to have failed to have taken one thing into account; when someone is made redundant, they don't work any more. And us men have been declared redundant.

This is what is happening in British Society and, no doubt, in other Feminist infected nations. In Britain there are millions of young men who don't work, who aren't in full-time education, who do fuck all, who basically don't have any interest or motive in contributing to society. And who can blame them? They've been declared redundant. They're not needed. Or, rather, they are needed, but only as wage-slaves to be taxed and, from time to time, as cannon-fodder to be fed to enemy cannons whilst the elite and their ho's relax. And even many guys (like me) who do work only work the bare minimum, avoid marriage and other traps to transfer what wealth we have to women, and who plot to emigrate. Or just vent our spleens on blogs.

In Britain, a single woman can nip to a sperm clinic, get a sample, get pregnant and then get on welfare, the idea of a father - or a step-father, or any man whatsoever - being part of a family now officially a 'sexist' idea and one to be rejected. In the workplace, women get priority in promotions and then get to all but choose their hours (usually very few) if/when they have kids. And if a guy works, he'll be taxed to buggery to pay for hordes of single mothers, effectively forcing him to pay for other men's offspring.

"Why bother?", sayeth us men in our almighty multitude. "Fuck this," we add.

If there's a war, many men won't fight to save this country. I fucking won't. Why bother? Most of us men don't have any attachment or any investment in what this country has become. Given that you'll never hear a feminist cry for 'equality' when it comes to the draft, why the fuck would any man be willing to get his head blown off to protect some whining, ungrateful, abortion-happy women and the powerful men, all safe at home? Fuck that. We might as well join the invaders and wreck some stuff for laughs.

The gravy train of feminism won't last long. What women call 'independence' requires a hell of a lot of funding; the single-mothers on benefits, the working mothers who barely work at all and consume taxes with their 'free' daycare, the Women's Shelters, the NHS-funded abortions for slags who can't keep their legs shut, the Ministry of Bloody Women, the endless non-jobs in the female-dominated all needs paying for through taxes. Taxes predominantly paid for by men, who increasingly shrink from the work-force thinking; 'Why bother?'

Monday, October 12, 2009

Purging Indoctrination

Over the past few months I've been noticing something about how attractive women appear. Maybe it's the internalization of an MGTOW belief set, but something has definitely changed. Oh, not in that way, they definitely turn me on, but a lot of the fantasy beliefs I used to have about women have been shattered. It's good in the sense that I crave affection a lot less, which is necessary when not being in a position to receive it, I think. Of course, the downside is occasional anger and deep-seated mistrust of various womens' motives, especially certain types of women.

I find myself paying attention to their negative attributes more, like how they talk, how they walk around, etc. Little imperfections here and there in the body, etc. Stuff that I used to overlook or try to cover up. What's going on I think is the "de-Disneyification" of my view of women. Disney movies had a horrible influence on me, as did media, society, and women of all stripes. No one told me that this was not real, that women are not this amazing all around.

Yesterday, I came across a post by a woman about how her boyfriend was so great, how no one could finish her sentences the way he could, how he brightened her an almost Shakespearean way. It then hit me that this is what I used to crave in relationships, and why I became suicidally depressed due to being "deprived" of it. Now teenage emotions tend to be uncontrolled, but this notion of relationship fairy-tale land didn't really go away until it was nearly beaten out of me by cruel rejection after cruel rejection, being made fun of by women behind my back and being burned by women I thought I could trust.

The thing is, there's something insidious about it. It's like I was deliberately kept in the dark about the reality of relationships, with people making them seem like nirvana, especially women. And it's weird in the sense that people will tell you that relationships aren't all that, but it's almost a backhanded way of saying that they ARE all that. It's like "neener-neener, you can't have this, but don't worry it's not that great anyway... It's better than your situation, though, LOSER! We won't say that of course."

There are many people out there with vested interests in keeping men deluded as all hell about this. Keeping men craving that golden goose until they realize they bought a dead duck. Sickening, really. That's why things like MGTOW and the Roissysphere are so important, in attacking and debunking these "pretty lies" as much as humanly possible. These lies are outright evil, and can do nothing but destroy men.

The debunking of these lies is a great relief. It's like a burden has been lifted from you. In fact, it feels a lot like this:

I think this image is iconic and representative of the MGTOW movement.