Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"Guys only want one thing"

How often have you heard this line from women? Aside from the fact that it's a smear, and arguably dehumanizes men, it fails to recognize reality. Imagine you were surrounded by a bunch of very hungry people. Would you exclaim in exasperation, "all they want is food!" Of course not.

One of the problems with today's society is that women have zero concept of male sexual needs. If men aren't sexually satisfied enough, you'll start seeing widespread sexually desperate behavior. Women fail to see how they contribute to this problem via hypergamy and other self-imposed barriers. Apparently, most guys (variably the bottom 50-80%) should just shut up and keep their dick in their pants. Problem is, it doesn't work that way. Guys can't just "shut it off." And so you're going to see more yearning and desperation from those men.

This is one of the reasons why the whole "nice guys suck" narrative from women is so cruel. They fail to see how they created this problem of sexual desperation among men. The average guy no longer gets married at 18-22; that system was scrapped, for better or worse. In its place is a sexual "free market" that disproportionatly rewards naturally skilled and attractive men, and leaves most others stewing in varying levels of desperation.

Women who complain about men coming on to them should realize that they can't have it both ways. They can't have sexual freedom into their early 30s or beyond and then just expect most men to be tame and docile, and not come on to them (or employ less aggressive ways of coming on to them like the "nice guy" stuff). Want men to leave you alone? Then make sure they have somewhere to put it!

The demands of the modern female are just totally unreasonable.


  1. I think the women have a point. What the average woman experiences in the feminist world is being hit on constantly by players. The feminist world is bad for both decent men and decent women. The feminist world is designed for sluts and cads (players). Women in feminist societies have a bitch shield because they need one to discourage constantly being hit on. Women can't be particularly blamed for this, the whole society and culture is rotten to the core.

    In a civilized society, what happens is when some cad/player/PUA hits on a young woman, her father comes out with a shotgun and, if he is lucky, he hits the bastard. This is necessary to discourage promiscuity and encourage stable monogamous marriage.

    The problem with blaming women, besides just being wrong, is that it prevents solving the problem. The solution is a civilized culture. In bad cultures, most men and women are bad. And in good cultures, most men and women are good. When the sexes blame each other, nothing improves.

  2. So you're saying that the average woman gets hit on so much, that she just shuts herself off to most everybody, resulting in sexual starvation for all but the most aggressive men. Interesting.

    Why then, though, do they specifically aim much of their hatred at "nice guys?" Something doesn't add up. Are "nice guys" just a scapegoat for all the players and cads?

    I do agree that women getting hit on too much is a problem, especially in "social club" type environments.

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  4. I think fschmidt is full of shit.

    You get what sort of behavior you enable. If women actually wanted "nice guys" that didn't "hit" on them, that's what would happen.

    If so-called players were considered so toxic by women and unwanted by them, their behavior would not be rewarded. They would not be enabled.

    If women really wanted decent men to marry them in their younger years, men to treat them right they wouldn't constantly hook up with degenerates. They wouldn't constantly have kids out of wedlock. Inmates in prison and criminals would not get love letters from masses of women. Various entertainers and athletes (who don't actually contribute to the upkeep of society) would not be so popular with women compared to those that work in IT, construction, etc.

    fschmidt's posts so far sound like the typical white-knighting for women. The truth is that women are entitled attention whores and its well documented many of them have no trouble using and abusing men for various reasons.

    But yes, you keep using the evil players and cat-callers as way to relieve women of their personal responsibility.