Sunday, April 8, 2012

Economics drives Female (mis)-Behavior

Any man who has been alive in the past twenty years knows that something strange is going on with women as a group. Their behavior is questionable, their empathy towards male problems (especially low-status male problems) is almost non-existent, and they have a tendency to be extremely narcissistic and boastful. This is combined with a marked incompetence at traditional female tasks like cooking.

I literally haven't met one girl around my age who was a good cook in my entire life. Oh, I've met lots of girls who are tremendously proud of waltzing into unimportant low-level administrative jobs, and many who enjoy the drink-and-talk nightlife scene. But girls who can cook a good, healthy meal, and who I can be confident will help raise any children I might have to be functional human beings? I haven't seen them. A few of the more religious girls come close, but they just don't have the pull that I feel women from the past would have.

But just why are women failing to present a palatable long-term option to many men? The answer, I believe, is simple- financial independence. Sounds rotten to say, doesn't it? But the fact is, people who are humble are more often than not in a humble position. If you're a woman in an "empowered" position - one that feminists love boasting about - you have absolutely no need to even exhibit basic human decency to live a comfortably middle class lifestyle (H/T Advocatus Diaboli). This is why women are becoming less and less appealing as long term prospects to men. This is why they have lost certain valuable homemaker abilities, like the skill of cooking healthy food, as well as many of the more subtle, ethereal, intangible qualities that attract men.

To make an analogy, I'll give the example of water use in the desert. Taking 30-minute showers or having a huge, water-guzzling lawn is rather irresponsible wherever you live, but it's especially harmful in the desert, where the environment is at a constant risk of becoming more desert-like. You'd think dire warnings of desertification and water shortages would significantly alter water consumption patterns, right? Wrong. Evidence shows that most people are unlikely to significantly pare down their water consumption until they suffer additional imposed financial burdens. In other words, their behavior is only seriously changed by economic force.

The exact same thing is going on with women and their attitudes toward men. Their behavior sucks because frankly, they can get away with it economically. Think about it- what has all the religious and cultural shaming of this behavior accomplished? Absolutely nothing.

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