Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Back to Blogging and Thoughts on "All Sex is Rape"

Well, after a long hiatus, I'm back. I'll be posting more frequently. There were several reasons why I stopped, including school and a forum I'm posting on needing help. But I've got a lot of stuff to discuss, to get out of my head and flesh out in words, and it can't really be discussed elsewhere. So... be prepared for a big dumping of thoughts!

I've been posting on The Spearhead on and off. I am continuously amazed at the injustices that happen to men in the world, and how it indirectly causes women to lose respect as well, which is tragic. I don't harbor anger toward women in general, and am sad that this society is causing them to not really fulfill their potential. I feel bad for most women who seem to be swept up by society and all its ills, and then go on to inflict all their baggage on men who they could instead love. It's such a tragic waste and it's gotta affect them deep down. At the end of the day, they're unhappier than they were in the past, and the stats show it.

Speaking of happiness, I'm reminded of a Dworkin quote where she said that all heterosexual sex is rape. On the surface, it sounds just like the lunatic rantings of a person who hates sexuality, and that's what many people, especially conservatives, tend to classify it as. But that misses the bigger picture of what she was saying. Her claim was that since women couldn't work, or couldn't find an easy path to most jobs, they were forced to marry men, often men who they didn't really like or find attractive but had resources, and that this was really no different from being forced to have sex with a man at gunpoint.

This story sounds tragic, and a lot of people believed it, and that's what gave feminism its power. Now, a more careful analysis shows that this is likely not true, and more an issue of historical revisionism than anything else, but the fact that it seems like women were being oppressed by having a lifestyle imposed on them was enough to give feminism credibility.

So you fast-forward to today, and women can work. A woman who was a director for a government agency remarked in one of my classes how almost no women were there when she was in college, and now it's full of women. (I counted heads and the classroom was more than 60% women; my university is about 54% women overall.) Women can get into any career they want with little impediment, free of the supposed sexism and discrimination that prevented them from attaining such employment in the past.

OK, cool, let's run with that and take it at face value. I'm not sure about its extent because there were always lots of female nurses, and female MDs were not nonexistent either, as long ago as the 40s from an article I read. It probably stretched back much farther. The fact is that women working in an occupation was not uncommon in the past (think secretaries, typists, nurses, etc.), but let's just assume that all women were forced to stay home, married to a man they didn't like so they could support themselves.

Why, then, are they less happy now than they were in supposedly more oppressive times? If feminism's goal was to increase happiness by freeing women from the household, and that was the prime bottleneck on womens' happiness, then there should have been serious, significant gains in womens' happiness over the years. Has society gotten so much worse that women are less happy now despite gaining more claimed freedom? If that's the case we're in a serious bind. I don't think that's what's happening, though, because several other things happened during this time of supposed economic and social liberation that made things worse for men:

  • Stagflation followed by a flatlining and net decrease of wages for men, while costs of goods continued to go up with inflation;
  • The continual erosion of a savory academic environment, resulting in male children getting drugged for "ADHD" (criminal, in my opinion) because they're boys who can't adapt to this environment. This makes me wonder: Was ADHD such a huge problem in the past? Were hyperactive boys making classrooms so unworkable that it required drugging them with dopamine-stimulating compounds? Something is wrong with this picture. You never heard about this stuff going on in the past;
  • The continual erosion of blue-collar jobs that allow lower-IQ males to be reasonably prosperous in society instead of turning to a criminal lifestyle;
  • The blowing of problems like rape humongously out of proportion. Rape is a serious crime and needs to be treated as such, but in the current climate, all men are treated like rapists. Feminists have been caught red-handed fudging statistics, and several feminists have even been quoted as saying that all men are rapists. In fact, the Dworkin quote implies this. It's an insult to any man, really, but when taught to young boys, it makes them ashamed of their sexuality, and they grow up to be overly-considerate man children who women don't consider sexually attractive;
  • Sexual harassment laws. I think no one has the right to unwanted sexual advances, but this is used and abused badly in our current culture. Honestly, I think that if men were respected more, and thought less as automatically guilty pigs, then sexual harassment laws wouldn't be such a problem, and people would get punished rightly for genuine sexual harassment. But in the current climate, conniving or hysterical women can take advantage of the laws (and corporate policies) to kick out or get revenge at men they don't like. If a man so much as looks at a woman the wrong way he can get in serious trouble. This is not right, and it makes men very fearful of and unattractive to women;
  • Sexual liberalization which results in a "game" culture. In a future post I'm going to argue how not everyone is college bound and society shouldn't just assume it, and that there should be ways for these people to be contributors to society. Likewise, "game" culture and casually picking up women just isn't in it for a lot of men. They don't like it, and they want a girl to commit to them, and they want a decent pool of available women for this purpose. Excluding men just because they don't have "game" or aren't super fashionable or are maybe a little awkward is a dead end. It's going to cause the same sorts of problems that excluding blue collar workers from anything above Arby's will cause;
  • Making marriage one false accusation away from total financial and psychological ruination for a man, taking the kids away and everything. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't feel comfortable with a woman having that level of power over me. Men have killed themselves over this. And you better believe men are eschewing marriage because of it. The response of governments around the world seems to be to make co-habitation similar to marriage, but all that's going to do is scare men away from cohabiting, and turn them into complete fuck-and-chuckers. It's just going to accelerate the decline into a total game culture, suffering from severe population under-replacement.
So this whole "patriarchy," whether it existed or not, is surely non-existent today, and the average man is not nor ever was a rapist. Maybe all this stuff has caused things to be worse for women, too. I don't know. But I do know that heaping the blame for all problems on men is sinister, especially now. I don't think that making it harder for men to find decent women, or making marriage and the workplace a booby-trap laden mess for them is going to make things any easier for women trying to find a partner. It just isn't.

If things continue the way they do, it's going to be harder and harder for women to find decent men, as opposed to players who just want to jump in the sack with them. In fact, that's the reality of life for an increasing number of women. Marginalize men and this is what you get. If women want decent men, they should push to reverse this fuck-upedness, and refuse to participate in its propagation.

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  1. J. Durden from The Spearhead, here...

    I dunno if you've checked out Laura Grace's blog much, but she has some very interesting posts about what women back in the "dark ages of Patriarchy" thought about the whole thing. Makes for some interesting reading.

    Cheers, and have a good new year.